Hi, we are a group of undergraduate and postgraduate physics students. We share the same vision, to promote networking and outreach activities around the subject of physics. We also love to share our passion for physics with all age groups.

How it all began

"In fact, the world needs more nerds."

-Ben Bernanke

Dimitris Gkavakos


“Hello my name is Dimitris, i hope that through this project we will pave a better path for our fellow students to follow.”

George Alexandris

Vice President

“Hey my name is George, through this project we can connect the missing link to achieve a Europe-wide network of young physicists.

Amalia Triantou


“Hello my name is Amalia and i hope that through our act and events, science will become a little more accesible to everyone.”

Anna Christoforidou


“Hi, I’m Anna. Looking forward to connect with fellow scientists, aspire and inspire each other. After all science is a form of thinking, rather than a body of knowledge.”

Faculty Advisor