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Connecting Physics Students to our Europe-wide Network.

Young Minds is European network of young physicists, from undergraduates up to postdocs, that collaborate to develop scientific, networking and outreach activities.

These highly-rewarding activities are time-consuming and hence the focus of most young minds is on getting their research task done.

Therefore the Young Minds network was created, for students like us to have a strong institutional support.

Our Latest News and Articles…

  • Isaac Newton: The dark side of the moon
    Revollutionary scientist and born on the same day as Christ. Let’s see some things about Newton
  • Hyberbolic geometry
    The geometry we are familiar with is the Euclidean kind. Lets get to know another one
  • Is the Sun green?
    Are you certain of the sun’s color? What if I told that with a glance at its radiation, you will understand its green? If so, why do we perceive it as yellow?

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